Prisoners and prisoner groups – lower floor

The lower floor of the exhibition is fully dedicated to the prisoners and the various prisoner groups. The prisoners' washroom, the former heating center and the film room, which is located in the former boilers room, are designed as matching units to the exhibition in the upper floor. The former heating center is used as a leading path to the prisoners’ washroom, a space which has been kept as historically accurate as possible.

In the space connected to that where the prisoners were rubbed of their honor and were turned into nothing more than a number, the names and photos of a few former prisoners are presented. Above all, the aim of this part of the exhibition is to break the horrendous treatment, which saw these people has nothing more than concentration camp prisoners and to treat them as individuals, while bringing to light their lives before the war, and after, for those who survived.

In the lower exhibition floor a documentary film is presented, which is made of personal testimonies of a number of survivors.

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