Exhibition and memorial

The exhibition has a supportive role in the memorial site. It deepens the visit in the memorial and serves as another tool of understanding the site and the events which took place in it. The construction method links the outside and inside, the exhibition and the memorial grounds. The presentation of photos, the construction plans and texts allow the visitors to understand how the camp grounds looked like during the period it was active and in comparison to today.

Also, the exhibition can be used as an individual model.

The two exhibitions floors can be visited separately, as the lower floor is accessible through the original entrance of the building from the roll call grounds. This is an important location for guided tours and pedagogic work.

The purpose of “The Flossenbürg concentration camp 1938-1945” exhibition is no less than the successful transference of knowledge regarding the history of the concentration camp and its remains, not for atonement, but rather in order to fulfill the old duty for the prisoners and their family members.

Dr. Alex­an­der Schmidt
Director of the exhibition project.

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