The foyer
(Design draft 2009)

The sophisticated and innovative design concept is the product of the Berton.Schwarz.Frey design office (Ulm/Berlin). The thematic and chronological organization of the exhibition is implemented with two design elements: firstly, by a grid of display cases, supplemented by audio aids, and second by a large media wall, which contains monitors and an integrated timeline. The display cases and monitors create a coordinated system between the thematic and the chronological events. The content is deepened through the use of various objects, texts, images and film sequences.

The monitors also provide an historical context. A timeline marking important events in German history is also present, while easily visible large scale annual figures tie and unite the structure and design.

The exhibition does not tell a linear narrative regarding the memorial, but rather presents important points in the development and reception of history in Flossenbürg. It wants to attract attention to the importance of remembrance after the disappearance of witnesses.

(Design draft 2009)

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