A European Place of Remembrance

In the years following 1945, much of the former concentration camp and the camp grounds was successively repurposed, demolished, or built over. In 1946, one of the first concentration camp memorial sites in Europe was established on the site. A cemetery was added to the Memorial grounds in the late 1950s, and a small exhibition was established at the site in 1985. A few years ago, the former roll call grounds, which had been used as an industrial area for more than five decades, became a part of the memorial site.

The rediscovery of Flossenbürg as a place of European remembrance culminated in the 2007 opening of the permanent exhibition "The Flossenbürg Concentration camp 1938 - 1945" in the former laundry building. In 2010, a second permanent exhibition titled "what remains - The Aftermath of the Flossenbürg Concentration Camp" opened in the former camp kitchen.