Table depicting prisoner badges from the Dachau concentration camp (ITS Bad Arolsen)

The Se­cret State Po­lice (Ge­sta­po) and the Crim­i­nal Po­lice (Kri­po) in­car­ce­rat­ed main­ly po­lit­i­cal op­po­nents of the Nazi re­gime and peo­ple who did not meet the ra­cial cri­te­ria of the Na­tion­al So­cial­ist “Volk com­mu­ni­ty.” Nine­ty per­cent of Floss­en­bürg’s pris­on­ers were “pro­tec­tive cus­to­dy pris­on­ers” of the Ge­sta­po. These pris­on­ers also in­clud­ed Jews. Rough­ly 6,000 men were in­car­ce­rat­ed as Kri­po “po­lice pre­ven­tive de­tain­ees.” In ad­di­tion, at least 6,000 So­vi­et pris­on­ers of war held by the Wehr­macht were trans­port­ed to the Floss­en­bürg con­cen­tra­tion camp.

Pre­ven­tive de­tain­ees were trans­ferred to Floss­en­bürg as “car­eer cri­min­als” and forced to wear the green tri­an­gle.

Pris­on­ers from oth­er mar­gi­nal­ized so­cial groups, such as the home­less and the un­em­ployed, beg­gars, pro­sti­tutes, and Sin­ti and Roma, were as­signed the black “aso­cials” tri­an­gle by the SS. At least 4,000 Ger­man and fo­reign op­po­nents of the re­gime were as­signed the red tri­an­gle of the “po­lit­i­cals.”

The lar­gest group of pris­on­ers was fo­reign forced la­bor­ers, pri­mar­i­ly from East­ern Eu­rope. They also re­ceived the red tri­an­gle. Their na­tion­al­i­ty was in­di­cat­ed by a let­ter on the red tri­an­gle. Jews wore an ad­di­tio­nal yel­low tri­an­gle. A tri­an­gle’s col­or and its let­ter de­ter­mined a pris­on­er’s sta­tus in the camp.

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