View of the former Hersbruck concentration subcamp, 1946<br /><br />In 1946, Alexander Kupitz, a displaced person from Latvia, lived in one of the concentration camp barrack, now part of the displaces persons’ camp. The camp fence and barracks are visible in the background, and the Michelsberg hill is visible on the left.
View of the former Hersbruck concentration subcamp, 1946

The Hersbruck concentration subcamp was separated from the outside world by a barbed-wire fence and a row of simple wooden guard towers. The fence was not electrified. Inside the camp, the SS wielded absolute power over the inmates. Any prisoner who approached the fence was shot by the SS.

After 1945, the fence enclosed an internment camp for SS members. The camp fence and watch towers were demolished in the late 1940s. In the 1950s, the town of Hersbruck began building a housing estate on a section of the former camp grounds.

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