Ansbach subcamp

March 13, 1945 to April 4, 1945


Over half of the 700 prisoners were non-Jewish Poles and Russians, a third Jewish Poles and Hungarians. The remaining prisoners came from a further 19 nations.

Forced labor and quarters

Clearing railway lines of bomb damage for the German National Railways. The prisoners were quartered on the spectator stands of the Rezathalle and its surrounds, close to the abattoirs and the main train station.


24 guards (members of the Flossenbürg SS, the armed forces, and the Volkssturm)

Death toll

At least 72 dead. Between three and five prisoners died each day.

Disbanding of the camp / end of the war

The Ansbach subcamp was disbanded on April 4, 1945. Most of the prisoners were transferred to Flossenbürg, more than 90 were sent to the Munich-Allach subcamp attached to the Dachau concentration camp.


A commemorative site dedicated to the 56 victims of the subcamp, inaugurated in 1950, is located at the woodlands cemetery. The details of the inscription on the commemorative stone made of Flossenbürg granite are incorrect, stating 58 (correct: 56) victims of a death march (correct: the Ansbach subcamp).
Ansbach - Bild 1Ansbach train station after an air raid on February 23, 1945, Stadtarchiv Ansbach.Ansbach - Bild 2Ansbach abattoirs seen from the Rezathalle, undated, Stadtarchiv Ansbach. The prisoners were quartered here.