Dresden (Reichsbahn) subcamp

Established in March 1945 – the date of disbandment is unknown


Amongst the 500 men were 180 Poles (60 of them Jewish), almost 90 Russians, over 80 Jewish Hungarians, Italians, French, Czechs, and Belgians. Single prisoners came from a further eight nations.

Forced labor and quarters

Repairing of destroyed tracks for the German Railways. It is unclear where the prisoners were quartered: the address given is the German National Railways Repair Works Desden-Friedrichstadt. Witnesses report however that the prisoners were accommodated in a building near a station hall.


Detail leader Franz Rohloff and 63 low-ranking SS men, including two dog handlers

Death toll

Disbanding of the camp / end of the war

There is no conclusive evidence as to when the camp was disbanded. Some prisoners report of an evacuation march in the direction of Theresienstadt.