Dresden-Reick subcamp

October 22, 1944 to the end of April 1945. In October 1944, three subcamps for female prisoners are established in Dresden: two for Zeiss Ikon AG (in the Goehle-Werk and Dresden-Reick), one in the Universelle machinery factory.


In October 1944, 200 mainly Polish and Russian women arrived from Auschwitz. At the end of February 1945, 200 Hungarian, individual German, French, Greek, Italian, and Czech Jewish woman were sent from Bergen-Belsen, along with Russian “civilian workers”.

Forced labor and quarters

Production of munitions in the Ica factory of Zeiss-Ikon AG (Mügelner Straße 40), where the women were most probably also quartered.


Detail leader Olschewski, later Johann Heinz as well as four guards and 19 female overseers (end of January 1945), eight guards and 12 overseers (end of February 1945).

Death toll

At least 23, some statements say that 36 or more women died as a result of epidemic typhus.

Disbanding of the camp / end of the war

After the evacuation of the subcamp, the women were marched off to the Erzgebirge at the end of April and were liberated close to the Czech border by Soviet troops.


None. Located in the former factory today is an education center run by the Chamber of Industry and Commerce.
Dresden-Reick - Bild 1Former Reick factory owned by Zeiss Ikon, 2006