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New Digital Learning Platform

What do the fourteen-year old girl Helga Pollak, the artist Richard Grune, and the Belarusian Galina Stutschinskaja have in common?

The three of them were among the approximately 100,000 people incarcerated at Flossenbürg Concentration Camp and its satellite camps between 1938 and 1945.

But who were they? Why were they persecuted by the National Socialists? What did they endure in the concentration camp? And what sort of life did they live after the camp was liberated?

On the digital platform Keeping Memories. Life Stories of Prisoners of Flossenbürg Concentration Camp you can go in search of answers to these questions. You can study pictures of them, read their letters, and comb through newspaper articles for information. You can analyze the documents that the perpetrators compiled about their victims and watch video interviews with survivors.

You can find the English version of our new platform here: