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Nikolay Adamovich Natsevskiy

Edmund Adamovich Natsevskiy

born August 15, 1925

  • Nikolay Natsevskiy, undated (Flossenbürg Concentration Camp Memorial)

Reunion after Sixty Years

In 1942, seven young men were deported from the village of Khmelevka near Minsk to forced labor in the Bohemian town of Kiesenreuth (today Krˇíženec). Among them was the seventeen-year-old Edmund Adamovich Natsevskiy. He was assigned to the farmer Anton Suttner. “The family treated me like a son during the war.” After about two years, all seven Belarusians were denounced and arrested. Natsevskiy was never told the reason for his arrest.

The Gestapo brought Natsevskiy to Flossenbürg, where he was given the number 10480. He worked briefly in the quarry, and then was assigned to Messerschmitt. On the death march to Dachau, he witnessed a guard take an exhausted prisoner from the ranks and shoot him. Edmund Natsevskiy survived.

Natsevskiy returned to Belarus, but could not find his family. He then moved to the northern Soviet Union. Natsevskiy changed his first name and began calling himself Nikolay. For years, the Suttner family searched for him in vain. Natsevskiy and the Suttner family were reunited in 2003 after he was located by the Flossenbürg concentration camp memorial.

Nikolay Natsevskiy (second from the left) during his reunion with the Suttner family, Mariánské Lázneˇ (Marienbad), 2003 (private collection)