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The archive of Flossenbürg Concentration Camp Memorial holds a heterogeneous collection of records, newspapers and newspaper clippings, photographs, maps and plans. The majority of records are duplicates from other archives and collections. The archive is complemented by a collection of figurative original objects from the camp and post-war period.

Archival visit

Archival visits are not possible for the time being. Please send us your request via e-mail or use our application form.

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At the moment library visits are not possible. Our scientific library is a reference library focusing on National Socialism, concentration camps, forced labor and culture of commemoration. Currently it includes approximately 7,000 units.

Online database

It is possible to use the online database, the "Memorial Archives," to research prisoners of the Flossenbürg concentration camp or one if its subcamps. Here you can search a part of our archival inventory without processing a user request.