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About us

With very diverse professional qualifications and very different personal identities, the team at the Flossenbürg Concentration Camp Memorial work together in a highly motivated manner. We bring this diversity every day to our work: in the care of the graves, in the support of the relatives, in the clarifying of fates, in the answering of archival inquiries, and in the preparation of exhibitions and publications. We are also personally happy to be there for you.


Prof. Dr. Jörg Skriebeleit

Director of the Memorial

+49 (0)9603-90390-0

Central Services

Julius Scharnetzky, M.A.

Head of Exhibitions and Communication

+49 (0)9603-90390-20

Caroline Emig, M.A.


+49 (0)9603-90390-63

Johannes Lauer, M.A.

Head of Digital Projects and Development Quarry Site

+49 (0)9603-90390-25

Louis Volkmer, M. Sc.

Research Assistant

+49 (0)9603-90390-21


Christina Kick

+49 (0)9603-90390-14

Sylvia Münchmeier

+49 (0)9603-90390-13

Bianka Reichenberger

+49 (0)9603-90390-66

Education Department

Dr. Christa Schikorra

Director of the Education Department

+49 (0)9603-90390-15

Dr. Matthias Rittner

Research Assistant

+49 (0)9603-90390-16

Johannes Bretting, M.A.

Research Assistant
Project "Evangelical Church in Bavaria"

+49 (0)9603-90390-38

Dennis Forster, M.A.

Research Assistant
Educational programs in the context of National Socialism and AUDI / Auto Union

+49 (0)9603-90390-39

Lisa Herbst, M.A.

Research Assistant

+49 (0)9603-90390-64

Hedda Fischer, Dipl.-Kauffrau (Univ.)

Organization and Scheduling

+49 (0)9603-90390-10

Sonja Sczech, Dipl.-Kulturwirtin (Univ.)

Research Assistant

+49 (0)9603-90390-67

Jana Dütsch, M.A.


+49 (0)9603-90390-36

Christian Landgraf, Dipl.-Kaufmann (Univ.)

Research Assistant

+49 (0)9603-90390-23

Historical Department

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the areas of research, archive and library, please contact us - we are happy to help.

Dr. Timo Saalmann

Director of the Historical Department

+49 (0)9603-90390-44

Annabelle Lienhart, M.A.

Research Assistant
Archives and Collection

+49 (0)9603-90390-17

Irmgard Sieder


+49 (0)9603-90390-12

Michael Kempf, M.A.

Research Assistant
Digital Collections

+49 (0)9603-90390-24

René Bienert, M.A.

Research Assistant
Project "Soviet and German Prisoners of War and Internees"

+49 (0)9603-90390-65

Anne Krause, M.A.

Research Assistant
Project "Photo Database"

+49 (0)9603-90390-37

Maximilian Schulz, M.A.

Research Assistant
Project "Cemetery of Honour"

+49 (0)9603-90390-28

Olga Kröninger, M.A.

Research Assistant
Project "Soviet Prisoners of War"

+49 (0)9603-90390-27

External Projects

Research Assistant, in cooperation with the Foundation Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe

+49 (0)9603-90390-18

Research Trainees and Volunteers

Klara Fehst, M.A.

Research Trainee

+49 (0)9603-90390-62

Philine Höhn, M.A.

Research Trainee

+49 (0)9603-90390-34



+49 (0)9603-90390-60