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Hohenstein-Ernstthal Subcamp

December 10, 1944 – mid-April 1945

  • Former factory of Laurenz and Wilde in Hohenstein-Ernstthal, 2005 (Photo: Flossenbürg Concentration Camp Memorial)


444 men, who, except for three prisoners, were all Jewish. They were transferred from the destroyed Wanderer-Werk in Siegmar-Schönau in December. 380 of them were from Poland, just under 50 from Hungary, and the rest from five other countries.

Forced labor and quarters

Nothing is known about the kind of work. Possibly the production of truck parts for the Wanderer-Werke (part of the Auto-Union) on the disused premises of the textile company Laurenz and Wilde (Antonstraße). The prisoners were quartered in an enclosed barracks compound on Schützenplatz.


Detail leader Franz Reber and 32 SS guards.

Death toll

Presumably six deaths in the camp

Disbanding of the camp / end of the war

The subcamp was disbanded in mid-April 1945 and the prisoners were forced to march in the direction of the Sudetenland. A few prisoners succeeded in escaping and they were liberated by Soviet troops at the beginning of May. The remaining prisoners were liberated by U.S. troops near Pilsen.


A commemorative plaque for the victims of the subcamp is located in St. Christophori cemetery; a grave for two unknown victims of the death march is located in the Trinitatis parish cemetery.

Since 2005 the annual wreath-laying ceremony to mark Holocaust Remembrance Day takes place at the site of the former subcamp.