Gedächtnisallee 5
D-92696 Flossenbürg

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Hohenthan Subcamp

February 14, 1945 – April 22, 1945


Six exclusively German and Polish members of the Jehovah’s Witnesses

Forced labor and quarters

As early as 1941, temporary work details built a new oven and laid tiles for the Kraus bakery. From February 1945, the “Bible Student” (Bibelforscher) prisoners were forced to work in the bakery of the bread suppliers for the Flossenbürg concentration camp. They were quartered in the bakery. The prison conditions were considerably better than in the main camp.


One SS Man

Death toll

One 60 year old prisoner died after he was transferred back to the main camp.

Disbanding of the camp / end of the war

The camp was liberated on April 22, 1945 by U.S. troops. Under Allied orders, the bakery was forced to provide for the liberated prisoners in Flossenbürg until mid-May 1945.