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Hradischko (Hradištko) Subcamp

November 17, 1943 – April 26, 1945

  • Camp grounds in Hradischko, without date (Association des déportés de Flossenbürg, Paris)

  • Alfred Kus, without date (Bundesarchiv Berlin). As detail leader, Kus shared responsibility for the murders of numerous prisoners.


Up until December 1943, 191 Germans were transferred to the camp. In March 1944, 325 prisoners arrived, mostly French, but also Spanish, Italian, Russian, and Polish.

Forced labor and quarters

Construction work on the SS training camp “Böhmen” – sewer work, digging of a firing range, building roads, and later the digging of anti-tank trenches.

The prisoners were quartered in the barracks of a former labor re-education camp, which was extended with the addition of further barracks, guard towers, and a roll call area.


Various SS units that were stationed at the “Böhmen” training camp.

Death toll

At least 20 prisoners died within the time period between March 1944 and March 1945. As the Red Army approached in April 1945, the local commandant Erwin Lange and detail leader Alfred Krus decided to shoot the prisoners. They ended up murdering 48 men. During the death march, 100 to 150 prisoners were shot.

Disbanding of the camp / end of the war

The SS disbanded the camp on April 26, 1945 and transported the remaining prisoners in cattle wagons in the direction of Prague. Near Janowitz the prisoners were forced out of the wagons close to a small forest and shot by SS men.


At a fork in a road leaving the town, a commemorative stone memorializes the victims of the subcamp.