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Schlackenwerth (Ostrov) Subcamp

May 17, 1943 – April 19 or 20, 1945

  • Schlachenwerth City Castle in Ostrov nad Ohří, 2018 (Flossenbürg Concentration Camp Memorial / Photos: Rainer Viertlböck)


Ten men were transferred together with the SS uniform store from Berlin to Ostrov nad Ohří following air raids. From June 1943, 90 prisoners from Flossenbürg worked there, at the end of 1944 the number was 120.

Along with 40 Polish and 28 Russian prisoners, there were 19 Czechs, 15 Germans, as well men from France, Italy, and a further six countries.

Forced labor and quarters

The men renovated and refurbished the dilapidated castle in which the SS uniform store was based; they transported and stored materials for the uniform store; performed tailor and shoemaking work; they took part in firefighting operations when a fire broke out in the castle, and repaired the damage.

At first, the prisoners were quartered on the upper floor of the castle; following the fire, they were then moved to the upper floor of a guesthouse.


Three non-commissioned officers, 24 SS men. Detail leader Edmund Fieger is feared for his brutality. He hanged two prisoners after an attempted escape. The head of the SS uniform store, Bernlochner, behaved humanely towards the prisoners.

Death toll

In the registers, nine deaths are recorded.

Disbanding of the camp / end of the war

On April 19 or 20, 1945, a prisoner transport left Schlackenwerth and arrived on the following day at the subcamp Leitmeritz. Only 10 prisoners and some SS men remained behind. The SS men handed themselves over to the Americans. On May 12, the Soviet Army reached Schlackenwerth.


Since 1962, there is a memorial plaque on the main entrance of the castle.