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Pál Csiba

January 9, 1883 – January 17, 1945

  • Pál Csiba wearing a hussar’s uniform of the Hungarian Pozsony Cavalry (Pozsony, Slovakian: Bratislava), ca. 1914 (private collection)

No Chance at Age 62

The Hungarian Pál Csiba was born in 1883 in Nagyabony/Vel’ké Blahovo (now in Slovakia). His family were wealthy farmers. After the First World War, he married Karolina Hodosi, the widow of a soldier. They had no children. Pál Csiba was known in his hometown for his sociable nature.

Although Pál Csiba supported the Social Democratic Party, he was not politically active. He was nonetheless arrested in fall 1944. On November 15, 1944, he arrived at the Flossenbürg concentration camp with a large transport of over 800 Hungarian prisoners. He was almost 62 years old when he was registered at Flossenbürg with the prisoner number 35995. Pál Csiba died two months later, on January 17, 1945.