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Graslitz (Kraslice) Subcamp

August 7, 1944 – April 15, 1945

Starting September 1, 1944, the subcamp was under the authority of the Flossenbürg concentration camp

  • Factory building in Kraslice, 2018 (Flossenbürg Concentration Camp Memorial / Photo: Rainer Viertlböck)

  • Factory building in Kraslice, 2007 (Photo: Flossenbürg Concentration Camp Memorial). A textile factory, located in one section of the long complex, is once again operating today.


Mainly German, Polish, and Czech women; numerous “gypsy women”. By the end of 1944 there were 470 women, in April 1945 at least 877 women in Graslitz.

Among them are also Jewish women from the Rochlitz Subcamp, as well as women from the Ravensbrück Concentration Camp.

Forced labor and quarters

Precision assembly work for the Luftfahrtgerätewerk Hakenfelde GmbH (LGW), an aeronautical equipment company that was a subsidiary of Siemens.

Production site was a disused textile factory. The prisoners were quartered in one of the upper floors above the factory workshop.


10 SS men, up to 19 female overseers. Many of the prisoners described the conduct of detail leader Richter as decent. His successor Dziobaka and the head overseers Elfriede Tribus and Helene Schmidt were considered brutal.

Death toll

No murders in the camp, but several prisoners were shot dead on the evacuation march.

Disbanding of the camp / end of the war

The evacuation of the camp begun on April 15, 1945. The women were forced to march in the direction of Marienbad (Marianske Láznĕ). Several prisoners were shot dead during the march. U.S. troops liberated the survivors at the end of the April.


A memorial plaque on the façade of the building memorializes the subcamp.