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Krondorf-Sauerbrunn (Korunní) Subcamp

August 19, 1942 – July 15, 1944

The first subcamp of the Flossenbürg concentration camp located in the territory of today's Czech Republic.

  • Aerial view of the former production grounds of the Sudetenquell GmbH in Korunní, 2019 (Flossenbürg Concentration Camp Memorial / Photo: Rainer Viertlböck)


Between 50 and 100 German, Austrian, and Czech prisoners

Forced labor and quarters

Construction of a collection casing for a mineral water spring run by the SS-owned Sudetenquell GmbH; repairing of railway tracks for the drinks manufacturer Heinrich Mattoni AG. The prisoners were initially quartered in a barrack, then in a fenced-in villa close to the construction site.


20 SS men. The site manager Horst Köhler protected the prisoners from mistreatment meted out by the first detail leader, Johann Baptist Kübler.

Death toll

None in Krondorf; however, out of a group of prisoners who escaped in the autumn of 1943, two were caught and hanged in the main camp at Flossenbürg.

Disbanding of the camp / end of the war

The camp was disbanded on July 15, 1944 after the completion of the work. The prisoners were transferred back to the main Flossenbürg camp.


None known.