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Steinschönau (Kamenický Šenov) Subcamp

September 22, 1944 – January 27, 1945


48 skilled craftsman, of whom 25 were Polish, ten prisoners from the Soviet Union, seven French, three Czech, two Italian and one German prisoner.

Forced labor and quarters

Presumably the prisoners were forced to perform construction work, but for whom is unclear. Possible beneficiaries were a section of the Weser aircraft factory from Rabenstein or a military hospital. The monthly payment claims were addressed to the “Hotel Glasstuben”.

Most likely it was the former Hotel Mercantile, which was converted into a theater in 1927.


According to SS documents, the gendarmerie in Aussig (Ustí nad Labem) staffed 13 men as guards.

Death toll

On January 21, four Russians and a Pole escaped. Two Russians were recaptured.

Disbanding of the camp / end of the war

On January 27, 1945, all of the remaining prisoners were transferred to the subcamp Leitmeritz.