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D-92696 Flossenbürg

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Würzburg Subcamp

April 17, 1943 – March 22, 1945

  • View of Würzburg. In the foreground, it is possible to see the former SS military sickbay for mentally ill patients at the University Hospital, aerial view, 2019 (Flossenbürg Concentration Camp Memorial / Photo: Rainer Viertlböck)


Initially 28, later 58 men. Almost half of the prisoners came from Poland, a quarter from the Soviet Union, with the others being German, Yugoslavian, Greek, French, and Czech.

Forced labor and quarters

The prisoners were forced to do construction and excavation work for the SS military sickbay of the Würzburg university hospital, as well as build a sickbay barrack in the clinic’s courtyard. They also built air raid shelters; following air raids they would clear undetonated bombs and recover dead bodies.

They were quartered in a barrack in the so-called emergency prison (Notgefängnis) (Friesstraße). The food rations and hygiene conditions were better than in Flossenbürg.


Detail leader Marggraf and members of the SS military sickbay detachment

Death toll

One documented instance of death

Disbanding of the camp / end of the war

On March 22, 1945, the camp was disbanded and the prisoners were transferred by train to Flossenbürg.