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Flossenbürg Concentration Camp 1938–1945

The exhibition "Flossenbürg Concentration Camp 1938-1945" documents and narrates the history of the Flossenbürg concentration camp and its subcamps. At the center are the people from all over Europe who were taken to the Flossenbürg camp complex. Numerous documents, objects, quotes and personal testimonies of the former inmates provide a view into the everyday life of the camp, the struggle for survival and mass death. The exhibition also prompts questions dealing with responsibility and perpetration by addressing actions, deeds and the perpetrators, along with locating the camp within the realm of social normality.

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09.00 – 17.00

In the former laundry building

Admission free

The Exhibition Building

The exhibition is located in the former laundry building. In addition to the laundry and the main boiler room of the camp, in the basement the SS set up the "prisoner bath." Here the SS robbed the inmates not only of their possessions, but also of their dignity, making them numbers within the bureaucracy of the concentration camp. The entire space of the "prisoner bath," which has been largely preserved in its original state, therefore occupies a place of importance within the exhibit.

  • The former laundry building

  • The former prisoner bath

"We survived ... the others remained"

In the film "We survived ... the others remained," shown in the basement of the laundry building, seven former prisoners of the Flossenbürg camp complex speak out. The descriptions by the survivors not only provide insights into the inhumane conditions of the camp, but also reflect the process of recalling their experiences several decades later.

Public Tours

A part of the exhibition can be visited in public tours, together with other parts of the Memorial.

"Not only did we lose our clothing here, but our souls."

Vittore Bocchetta

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